Friday, September 9, 2011

Moved and Back to School

Okay, so I'm a bad enough blogger that I haven't even mentioned that we sold our old house and moved around the corner into a larger, more comfortable home at the end of a cul de sac.  And we moved in June! It's a huge blessing and we are so thankful; we honestly didn't know if it would work out for a while.

We had a super fun but very short summer.  The kids played in their rooms or our backyard and basically didn't watch television at all.  They played soccer in late spring, and Emerson scored his first goal.  We had cousins come in town in July and August and did our own swim lessons by going to the pool for a couple of hours each day for a week.  Emerson is doing real strokes and Stella is almost there, too.  Atticus is still convinced he can swim when he really can't.  Stella mastered her bike without training wheels just as school started up.

Tad did his usual bike races -- Big Cottonwood and Little Cottonwood Canyons.  And he has his City Creek Canyon race coming up in October.  I did three half marathons and a couple of 5ks.  I did better than expected, especially considering that I was sick for two of the three half marathons.  It's so sad that the early morning light is waning so we can't go for early rides or runs as easily.

Of course Stella turned five and as school started up she started kindergarten while Emerson started second grade.  Both kids are loving it and doing a really fantastic job.  I can't believe how quickly they're learning!  Atticus, however, is just impatient for them to get home each day.  He asks, "Mom, where's Emerson?  Where's Stel?" about every ten minutes.

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Jen said...

You have been up to so many fun things! Your kids are so grown up! Parker is in kindergarten too and loves it!