Wednesday, October 17, 2007

NY Visitors and Birthday Fun

We were delighted when Jean Rose and Deb Clark came out to visit us two weeks ago. Tad and I worked with them very closely as AmeriCorps volunteers in 2001-2002 in the Albany, NY area. We absolutely adored our time working with them but had been unable to go visit, so they traveled all the way to SLC to see us and meet our kids for the first time. We showed them around the city, the canyons, and various fun restaurants. Thanks so much for coming, you guys.
Last weekend Emerson celebrated his fourth birthday. He had an awesome rocket party with egg (planet) dyeing, rocket cookie frosting, and fun rides in his seven foot-tall, red cardboard rocket. He got so many wonderful gifts that I think we'll have to build another room onto our house! He's very excited to be such a big boy, but his parents aren't quite ready for it.
Stella started asking me "WHY?" a couple of weeks ago. If I ask her to stop doing something, she looks at me, scrunches up her face, and asks the dreaded question in a sing-song voice. She's also started asking, "happened?" when something happens to me -- but she only does it if she can put her face right up to mine.

Monday, October 1, 2007

Fall Fun

Things here in SLC are going really well for our family. We purchased a house in the Brickyard area in May and have since been continuously involved in fix-up projects. It's actually really fun for us after renting for so long. Emerson and Stella especially love playing in their sandbox in the back yard, tending our garden of tomatoes and jalapenos, riding bikes in the driveway, and simultaneously getting out every toy they own in our play room.
Emerson is loving preschool this year, especially since his teacher loves field trips. He loves all things boy -- sword fights, rockets, wrestling, and dinosaurs -- but also really enjoys art projects that involve stamps, scissors, and drawing himself in heroic situations.
Stella's name definitely fits. She's constantly awing us with her luminous personality. At 15 months, she's able to communicate almost every need (and endless observations) effectively. She loves to do anything Emerson does, loves to dance and draw, and loves to be outside.
Tad is loving his job at Salt Lake County District Attorney's Office, especially no longer commuting to Provo. He's learning the workings of the juvenile justice system and enjoying being downtown where so many of his buddies work. He's also become an avid runner, a habit our new dog, Crosby, benefits from as well.
I'm keeping busy with the kids here at home and am loving it. Now that I'm back in a good running groove, I have a good outlet for stress as well! I love taking care of our house, participating in a great book club, and working with the Cub Scouts in our church.