Monday, January 19, 2009

Rolling Along

Life just amazes me. I can spend all of this time preparing for something, thinking it will never come because there's still just so much work to do, and suddenly it has come and it's over. Christmas was definitely that way this year. With all of the preparation, I thought it would simply take forever to get ready and now it's already a month later. The kids had another wonderful Christmas, so by extension the rest of us did as well. Dinosaur and princess paraphernalia somehow fill our house up even more now. Emerson loves to tell everyone about how lucky he was to get two microscopes! Stella can't get enough of her princess art kit and dress-ups and has somewhat permanently assumed the identity of Aurora. By some miracle, they both love sharing their "new" room (Tad finished the closet and built-ins), and they actually sleep really well through each other's noises. Most of all for Christmas, we just enjoyed the chance to have Caroline and Justin in town and to visit all of our local relatives as well.
Another project that came and went at lightning speed demonstrates our tendency to cram too much in at busy times. What better thing to do at the busy holiday times than refinance our home? But after seeing the interest rates available and how much money we could save, we couldn't resist. So before our appraisal, we had to finish up all of our house projects to the best of our ability in just a week and a half. Kids were totally neglected (thank you, PBS), meals consisted of way too much fast food and caffeine, and I definitely did things no woman at my stage of pregnancy should be doing. But with alarming speed, the appraisal came -- and went well! Hooray!
Our final project that is progressing at an alarming rate -- our third child. I'm already less than two weeks away from where I was when Emerson was born, just over three away from where I was when Stella was born, and I have the giant basketball belly to prove it. And yet I still can't believe the amount of stuff that I "should" get done before the little guy arrives. I have the sneaking suspicion, however, that like all of the other projects and events that have come rolling along lately, this one will reach completion (whether I'm ready or not) and the birth will be over sooner than it seems. We'll keep you posted.