Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Back from the Slack

Hello, everyone! I've been a super blog slacker and now I'm trying to redeem myself. The latest:
1. We took a really fun trip to St. George and ended up having an impromptu family reunion involving Caroline, Justin, Afton and Cheryll. We also got to spend some great time with our friends, the Moores and the Hayes. Snow Canyon was gorgeous, the weather was perfect, and we found some new yummy places to eat.
2. Atticus has been a walking champ for almost two months now. He turns on the gas when he hears the bathroom door open since that is easily his favorite room in the house. But ramps or inclines still make him a little tipsy. He loves to say "this," "no no," "dada," "mama," "ball," "up," "daga" (doggie), and some other words that I would remember if he weren't my third child.
3. Emerson and Stella are truly in the throes of a love-hate relationship. Luckily it's mostly love and they play these great imagined-scenario games for hours together. When it's the hate relationship, though, they literally hate EVERYTHING about each other. My favorite complaint from Emerson as he was grumpily emerging from bed one morning, "Stella has such an ugly way of breathing." But they really are amazing and Stella loves to say prayers in which she thanks Heavenly Father for the United States of America, the President, the Holy Ghost, etc.
4. We've had some tragedy with extended family, and while I don't think it's appropriate for me to talk too much about it on a public blog, I just wanted my family to know how thankful I am for how they've handled it. Sometimes tragedy truly does bring out the best in people. Kevin, my biggest brother, is an exceptional person and I love him so much.