Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Biker Bonanza

Two weeks ago Emerson was miles away from being able to ride his bike without training wheels. He hardly even rode well with training wheels a month ago. Then he decided to take off the trainers and one day we were out in the front yard when I looked up to see him riding like a pro. Less than two weeks later he's cruising so fast it's unbelievable. We spend hours each day on his
new bike (an early birthday present). Stella also got a new little cruiser bike but has yet to catch the biking bug.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Back to School

A month of firsts! Tad did his first bike race, a 10-mile course that rose 3,300 feet in elevation. He had an awesome time of 1 hr 6 min and is already looking forward to his next race in October.
Stella started preschool, loving that it's finally her turn to stay and enjoying special lunch dates with Grandma Baker. I can't believe she's this big -- how did that happen? She also started her second session of dance lessons and is either a shining star or a puddle on the floor as she awaits her turn.
Emerson started kindergarten and the evidence that he loves it is that he now wakes up at 6:30 a.m. and bolts out the door when it's finally time to leave. He's informed us that he's already building his new "team" of friends. It still doesn't seem right that he has to be at school each morning, that he's actually doing assignments, and that I can just drop him off and he'll go in by himself.
Atticus has been a rolling fiend this past month, moving across the floor or down the aisle at Sunday school.
He started solid foods and so far seems to enjoy pumpkin and smearing his face with the new medium.
I ran a 5K on Monday and finished in 25 minutes, finishing 3rd overall (2nd for women) with my friend. Of course it was a VERY small field of runners, but I'll take what I can get these days. I'm loving this harvest time and coming up with fun new ways to prepare squash and tomatoes. But my head and heart are still aching over the fact that Emerson and Stella are now at school. I want to scream, cling to this special phase I've been in, stop the clock from moving any further, and yet I love to see them growing and blossoming. I suppose that pretty much sums up what motherhood is all about.
Best kid argument this month happened as we were getting in the car to head to school. Stella commented on a potent and funny smell. "That's my fart," said Emerson. "No it's not," countered Stella. "Yes, it's my fart! It is! It is!" Emerson insisted. Don't try to limit his dreams, little sister.